TNO - System integration: large scale wind energy to meet a CO2-free energy system

For the realization of our reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system that will be CO2- large scale offshore wind power will be used and implemented. The TNO-vision is to realise 60GW at the Dutch part of the North Sea. That is much more power than is currently used as electric power in the Dutch energy system. How do we make sure that this fits and works? An important solution is sector coupling and conversion and storage options connected to an offshore energy infrastructure to transport the large amounts of electricity and gas to the users on shore. This webinar will address the vision of implementing large scale offshore wind power, the required innovations and developments to overcome barriers and further reduce cost of energy and address the TNO-innovations in sector coupling to develop a thriving offshore wind sector. More information about our future energy system in Dutch: More information about or future energy system in English: