PEP Talk WCC Group - PES influenced jobseeker advice with AI & Perspectives.

One size doesn’t fit all! Imagine that the skills of an 18-year-old and that of a 55-year-old are the same. An algorithm might offer them the same job. But, of course we all know that they should have different job advice. That is where Perspectives come in. Through profiling a jobseeker is associated with well-defined target groups. The advice given to a person in this target group is based on a sophisticated AI driven labor market knowledge base. But, and now comes the interesting part, this advice can be influenced by a PES. Maybe because a PES wants to align the advice for people in a specific target group with an ALMP or because they are in a geographic area that needs an approach that differs from the average. How this is done and what you can do to make this possible is presented in a 45-minute interactive webinar in our PEPTalk series. We are delighted to have Ria Deketele from VDAB in Belgium with us to discuss the matter from the perspective of VDAB. What are they already doing and what are their plans.