DSM JUMBO - JUMBO and DSM are presenting the future of lashing

JUMBO and DSM are presenting the future of lashing; powered by synthetic link chains with Dyneema® During these unprecedented times many organizations are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to help them being more efficient, safe and responsive. For JUMBO and DSM safety is paramount, that’s why they have teamed up to create the future of lashing.   In this webinar, JUMBO and DSM experts will teach you: How to enable faster and more efficient lashing operations How to enable safer and lighter operations for crew and diminish cargo damage How the world’s strongest fiber together with a patented robust and reliable design creates the strongest and lightest synthetic chain  Join us on Tuesday June 9th Session 1: 10:00 AM CET / 04:00 PM UTC Session 2: 03:00 PM CET / 09:00 AM EST